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  • How does ReachCase work?
    • The antenna inside your ReachCase case couples with your phone’s antenna to create an enhanced antenna system with superior transmit and receive signal properties. When you extend the antenna the total area of the antenna system increases to maximize your signal. Back to Top

  • Will it work with the antenna NOT extended?
    • Yes, the ReachCase is always working to improve your LTE signal, but for maximum improvement, you can extend the antenna. Back to Top
  • Where can I buy ReachCase?
  • What carriers does ReachCase work on?
    • ReachCase is engineered to enhance your signal on all the major carriers: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. Back to Top
  • Will ReachCase work outside of the US?
    • ReachCase has been optimized for U.S. carrier networks. Back to Top
  • How do I put on my ReachCase case?
    • Step 1: Insert side of phone with volume buttons into case.

      Step 2: Rotate other side of phone into case and snap together. 
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  • How do I take off my ReachCase case?
    • Step 1: Turn the phone upside down and use your thumb to “peel” the bottom left corner of the case away from the phone.

Step 2: Run your finger across the gap that is created between the charge port area of the phone and the case to the opposite (bottom right) corner of the phone.

      Step 3: Peel the bottom right corner of the case until the phone pops free. Back to Top
  • I got water on my ReachCase case, will the antenna continue to work?
    • Yes, the antenna will not be affected by water, but dry off your case before putting it on your phone. Back to Top
  • Is ReachCase heat sensitive?
    • ReachCase cases and their embedded antennas are designed to withstand exposure to typical temperature ranges. Back to Top
  • How do I clean my ReachCase?
    • ReachCase has a unique paint finish that provides a premium look and feel that is also easy to clean.  Using a damp cloth, wipe the case off. Easy! Back to Top
  • Is ReachCase compatible with all other third party accessories? (headphones, chargers, screen protectors, etc.)
    • Every effort is made to accommodate common accessories, but not all 3rd party accessories may be compatible. The case is guaranteed to work with the manufacturer’s accessories supplied with your device. Back to Top
  • If I drop my phone will the ReachCase case protect it?
    • ReachCase offers protection from everyday drops and bumps. They have been independently certified to exceed the US Military Standard drop test of up to 6 ft. Back to Top
  • What is ReachCase made of?
    • ReachCase consists of a form-fitting, lightweight polycarbonate shell, which offers outstanding strength and durability.  The ReachCase case also has a “rubber” (TPE) rim to provide additional protection. Back to Top
  • Does the ReachCase protect the front of my phone?
    • Our cases are designed so that if you lay your phone on a flat surface, the edges of the case will keep the front glass of the phone from touching it. Back to Top
  • California Prop 65 Warning
    • WARNING: Reach Case contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

      For more information about Californial Proposition 65 please visit the website maintained by the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment: Back to Top

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